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Our Services
Household Staff



Household Managers / Butlers


House Sitters


Domestic Couples


Private Chauffeurs


Private Chefs






Newborn Care Specialists


Mannies(Male Nannies)


Mother's Helper


Hotel/On-Call Nannies


Travel Nannies

Wedding/Event Nannies

Other Services

Senior Care


Special Needs Care




Personal Assistants


Personal Trainers 


Dog Sitters



Get Started
To begin your search for household & other non-childcare related staff complete a "Client Registration" form above.
To begin your search for a Nanny and any other childcare staff please complete a "Parent Registration" form above.
To request a temporary Babysitter from one night to three weeks, please complete a "Request a Babysitter" form below. This is a great option for our out-of-town visitors!
To request childcare for your wedding or event, please complete a "Request Event Childcare" form. For more information on event childcare click the link above.
Our Babysitting memberships are a great option for local families who are in need of regular on-call nanny services. Including date nights, fill-in for regular childcare, or sick child .  
Our Tutor Share Program is a great option for families seeking private or shared tutoring services provided by experienced educators who will help your children excel!
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Salaries & Fees
Our Guarantee to you!

At Patty Cake Nannies, your satisfaction is our priority. Our 5 step placement process has proven to be successful in finding our clients the right "One". Patty Cake Nannies is proud to offer a 90 Day Guarantee. We stand by the placement of our quality and professional caregivers. Our focus is making the perfect long-term match, one that will result in a happy household for years to come. 

What's the Going Rate?

The hourly rate for a nanny or caregiver can range anywhere from $20-$30+ per hour; depending on location, job title, duties, number of children and candidate's experience level. The going rate for a household staff such as housekeepers and private chefs start at $25 per hour and can range up to $50 per hour Depending on Experience and Duties. The hourly rate is decided by the family/client, however we do recommend offering a competitive rate and career package to attract the best candidates. Please contact us for more information referring to your specific situation. 




Registration Fee

To begin your search for your perfect household employee, we require a $250 retainer. This is a one-time, non refundable fee that will be deducted from the total cost of your placement fee when a match is made. Tax will be added to all fees. 

Temporary Placements

For a Temporary Commitment, Less than six months, the placement fee is 25% of Caregiver's expected income. 

$150 Minimum
Short-term Placements

For a Short-Term Commitment of Six months to One Year, the placement fee is 20% of Caregiver's expected income. 

$500 Minimum
Long-term Placements

For a long-term Commitment of one year or more, the placement fee is 15% of Caregiver's expected annual income. This is a one time fee per placement. 

$1,000 Minimum
Wedding/Event Nannies

Our event nannies will provide age appropriate arts and craft supplies, movies, books and games. Staffing ratio is 1 nanny per 4 children (ratio increases to 1:2 with special needs children and infants ages 0-2)


On-Call, Babysitting and Hotel Concierge Placements
Babysitting Placements are $45 per day. You will pay the Nanny directly upon the completion of the assignment, either by cash or check. The Nanny’s wages are separate from our agency fees. There is an additional $10 rush fee if services are with less than 24 hour notice.
$150 per nanny needed
Plus $20-$30 hourly rate per nanny
Babysitting Memberships

Our Babysitting memberships are for families seeking on-call nanny services. On-call services include; fill-in for your nanny, daycare/school closures, sick childcare, date nights, and overnights. Click Here for more information.

Starting at $29.99 per Month!
With the Babysitting Membership the hourly rate ranges between $20-$30/hr
$45 per day
Plus $20+ hourly rate for nanny
To view our Easy and Stress-free
"5 Step Placement Process"
click the link below. 
We are proud to provide our clients with the highest caliber of nannies and household staff! To learn more about our recruiting requirements view our:
Process & Screening
Staff Requirements
What's the Process?
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