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About Us



We are Patty Cake Nannies,  a premier Nanny & Household Staffing Agency founded in 2010 that provides services in Arizona, New Mexico & Texas. 

Our Mission

Here at Patty Cake Nannies, our main aim is to enhance the well-being of your family, home, or estate by providing you with top-notch, customized services that cater exclusively to your needs. We've been in the staffing game for 20+ years, and our crew has got some serious insider matchmaking and screening skills, making us the go-to agency for the best nannies and household staff in town.

What sets us apart is that we genuinely care about our clients and staff. We prioritize building meaningful connections and ensuring everyone feels right at home and valued. You're in good hands when you join our Patty Cake Nannies family!

Customer Service

In today's dynamic and demanding world, where time holds utmost value, we understand the need for efficiency in every aspect of life. That's why we commit ourselves to the relentless task of sorting through numerous resumes, conducting interviews with top-notch candidates, and conducting thorough reference checks. We aim to free you from the burden of these time-consuming processes, allowing you to concentrate solely on finding that perfect chemistry with your potential hire.

And that's just the beginning. We firmly believe in offering our services on your own terms. Whether you prefer the ease of texting or the formality of email, need interview schedules tailored to your convenience – be it early mornings or late nights – or require prompt and reliable last-minute support, consider it done. No request is too challenging for our dedicated team.

So, why not put us to the test? Experience the seamless efficiency and unwavering dedication of our services firsthand. We're confident you'll be more than impressed. Go ahead, give us a try.

Thoughtful Matchmakers

At the core of our business lies the art of matchmaking. We firmly believe that your nanny or household staff should seamlessly integrate into your home, making it vital to achieve the perfect match. It goes beyond simply looking at a resume; it's about finding someone who aligns with your childcare principles, embodies the role model you envision for your children, and respects your role as a parent. When these essential qualities harmonize with your family, they pave the way for the most enduring and fulfilling relationships.

As your dedicated nanny and household staff matchmakers, we take great pride in our expertise in this domain. We approach this process with a personalized touch, not as a mere transaction but as an individual journey to discover the perfect match for your household dynamics.  We work tirelessly to ensure that your family's unique preferences and requirements are met and that you find the ideal candidate to bring joy and harmony to your home.

Ultimately, our role goes beyond merely providing a service; we become essential to shaping your family's future. Count on us as your dedicated partners in forging this significant bond, and rest assured, we'll find the perfect match for your household.

Giving Back

As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we donate a minimum of 10% of all profits to support various charitable organizations, including CareNet-Crisis Pregnancy Center, Food for the Hungry, and the 100 Club.

Furthermore, we greatly respect and thank our military and first responder families (Police, Fire, and Military). As a token of appreciation for their selfless service, we extend a 10% discount to honor their dedication.


By being a part of Patty Cake Nannies, you receive exceptional services tailored to your needs, contribute to meaningful causes, and support those who serve our communities with unwavering dedication.

Locations Served

Our main offices are located in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Dallas. Still, with Recruiters located all over the U.S., We have served families in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, Florida, and New York! We place live-in nannies and household staff nationwide.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
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