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“Patty Cake Nannies is a must have resource for Santa Fe families. The services are promt and courteous and professional. We have a child with special needs and it is not easy to find a nanny or babysitter that we can trust. We could not be more happy with our regular sitter, Sarah. She is so professional, responsible, knowledgeable and super sweet. The perfect person for us and she has made our lives better! Patty Cake Nannies and Sarah are our life savers!”

Corrine P.
Santa Fe Parent

"Christal, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for what you do. The process of finding a nanny was grueling and painstaking. At times it seemed impossible. That is, until we decided to try your agency. We loved the candidates you brought to the table. We know that we gave you very little to work with given our current financial situation and that we were asking for a lot. And through all of those hurdles, you paired us with Nicole who far exceeds any expectations we had for not only a nanny, but a person in general. She is phenomenal and we are overjoyed to know that our kids are in great hands. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We sincerely appreciate it.”

Loren L.
Albuquerque Parent

“We used Patty Cake Nannies when we were looking for a nanny because we have a newborn. The owner is Christal Patty. They are excellent. We told her what we were looking for and she got us a list of candidates with the right experience. We arranged interviews and she helped us with the contract. They were very responsive to all of our phone calls. They were careful to match us with the kind of nanny we needed because we had very specific needs. Christal interviewed people for those qualities and then arranged for us to meet people who had those qualities.”

Nicolas M.
Albuquerque Parent

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“Patty Cake Nannies is a must have resource for Santa Fe families. The services are promt and courteous and professional. We have a child with special needs and it is not easy to find a nanny or babysitter that we can trust. We could not be more happy with our regular sitter, Sarah. She is so professional, responsible, knowledgeable and super sweet. The perfect person for us and she has made our lives better! Patty Cake Nannies and Sarah are our life savers!”

Cooper H. 
Albuquerque Parent

We used this service for baby sitters at our wedding reception, we had a kid's room. I started the process of looking for baby sitters very late in the game. Patty Cake Nannies was great! I was able to contact one lady, she sent me profiles to select from, and coordinated the rest for me. All in very little time. Every profile she sent me was extremely qualified, but we were able to choose exactly who we wanted. The baby sitters themselves I heard were amazing. Kid's didn't want to eat their dinners because they didn't want to leave the room. I hear it was a great time in there with all the activities they brought for the kids. Light up hoola hoops, green play dough, etc.So so happy to have found a trust worthy service that took care of everything for me, from the process of hiring to making the kid's night just so fun! Definitely worth it!!

Erin C.  
Santa Fe Event

“I highly recommend Patty Cake Nannies.  We called right before a holiday weekend for last-minute babysitting, and Christal immediately sent us three resumes of available nannies.  All were very qualified. The one we selected did a wonderful job.  Our daughter unexpectedly got sick while we were gone, and the nanny handled it like a pro.  She was amazing!  Thank you Patty Cake Nannies!!”

Kristin H.
Hotel Babysitting

“Patty Cake Nannies has been a great source of information for my family in the past year. Christal took the time to find my family's needs and with relative ease and speed set me up with a few candidates. All her candidates were qualified and undergone a thorough screening process. I felt confident hiring any of them. I will continue to utilize Patty Cake Nannies in the future and have referred the agency to friends.”

“Christal, I'm following up to let you know how much we enjoyed Petra. We wished we had reserved her for more nights of babysitting while we were in Santa Fe. She engaged Clyde very quickly and he seemed comfortable with her after only a few minutes (which was wonderful, because he has been in a phase where he wants his mom a lot). Petra allowed us to relax and enjoy our evening among adults. Please pass along our compliments. Thank you!”

Mani K.
Albuquerque Parent
Jennifer L.
Hotel Babysitting 

Just wanted to let you know that my boys LOVED Sarah! They said she was the best sitter they have ever had :) ! I felt so comfortable having her come stay at the hotel for a couple of hours so my husband and I could go have dinner. It was perfect! Thanks and we will be using your service next time we are in town."

Kylie C.
Hotel Babysitting

“My son squeals with joy when Anna walks through the door! It feels like she is a part of our family and we love her very much. She reads to our son, takes him on walks, helps him learn new things and gives him the attention we would if we were home all the time. She is a soulful loving person and we don't know what we would do without her.”

Kristin M. 
Santa Fe Parent

"It's been a painless process all together. We were really in a bind trying to sort out what to do about Lulu and with both of us very busy full time, this could have been an epic disaster. Instead we found a great fit who is willing to work with our crazy schedules and on our crazy timeframe and right in time for me to get back to work on Monday. We feel so lucky to have found Patty Cakes Nannies and will definitely spread the word!"

Patty Cake Nannies has been a wonderful company to work for. Christal is down to earth and extremely professional. She has placed me with a great family, and has been real helpful with helping me with all questions I have had. I especially like how extensive the background checks were, making sure that all of us are qualified and safe to care for these families.

Yvonne B.
Santa Fe Nanny
Rebecca M.
Santa Fe Parent

"Thanks for all your help. I know no matter what happens, my daughter is always in the best of care with your nannies. The peace of mind is such a blessing."

Anne R. 
Santa Fe Parent

"Christal, Lois was fantastic! Thank you so much! If we are ever in this area again, we will use your agency again. Thanks again!"

Patricia B. 
Hotel Babysitting

" I appreciate the nannies I've found through you-- it has been invaluable to me, and have always had such great help."

Caroline S. 
Santa Fe Parent

Best in New Mexico! If you want the best Nanny Agency in town, well actually the state, you want Patty Cake Nannies! They are professional, dependable and a pleasure to work with. They provide professional nannies that are experienced, well educated and have an array of educational and fun activities for kids of all ages. I highly recommend them for all your nanny needs. Call them today to get matched up with your families future nanny! You won't be disappointed!

"Jamie, the manager, responded promptly and sent us a number of profiles of babysitters who had extensive experience and safety certifications. It also included photos and some personal info about them. The decision wasn't easy, but we actually ended up going with Jamie herself since she is also a Mom of two young kids. By the time we left Santa Fe, we were wishing she lived in California! She set the bar high and we are on a mission now to find the same kind of experienced and trustworthy support at home."

Heather H. from Albuquerque

"We hired Rosa to watch our 2 yr old son for 4 nights while on vacation & she was absolutely fabulous!  The care givers all have background checks & extensive experience. The entire experience from booking, payment, communication, was all very professional!"

Hotel Babysitting
John M.
Hotel Babysitting

"Christal, Thank you for your assistance. We wasted six weeks on never hiring anyone only to find someone awesome through your service in a week."

Nicholas B.
from Albuquerque

"Thank you again for all the help from you and your agency. I think Victoria is a perfect match for us, and I wouldn’t have found her without you! I will tell anyone I know looking for a nanny that I highly recommend you and your agency! You have been a single mother’s dream come true!A million thanks"

Amanda N.
from Albuquerque

"Been working for patty cake nannies for the past almost 4 years and I absolutely love it! Have worked long term for 4 different families and quite of few temp jobs as well with amazing families! I absolutely love every part of this job and company! Best way to provide for my family and help out other families as well. Very blessed!"

Nanny from Santa Fe

"I was very impressed with Patty Cake Nannies. We were staying at a hotel in Albuquerque and needed a babysitter. Patty Cake's sent me profiles of several impressive sitters, it was hard to choose. And the one we selected was so great, she had a full "toolkit" of crafts for the kiddos. And one day, we had to cancel last minute the night before because the weather suddenly changed and all our activities were canceled. Patty Cakes was so understanding and refunded the daily fee I had been charged. That was such a relief on our end and such a good business model that I can't say enough about them!"

Cailen C.
Hotel Babysitting

"On behalf of Subud USA,  I want to commend Patty Cake Nannies on the service that you provided during our recent National Gathering in Albuquerque. The two nannies we selected for child care, Dana Steppin and Lajuan Guerrero, were prompt, flexible, courteous and wonderful with a wide variety of ages. Although our program was small, having both nannies enabled us to design activities that could be enjoyed by children ranging in age from 5-16. One parent commented that our childcare program was "too good to be true!" We also appreciate your promptness in communications, and the wealth of info that you were able to supply about each nanny. It is not easy to select caregivers for an out-of-town event, but your system served that need beautifully. We thank Dana and Lajuan, as well as Patty Cake Nannies for helping to make our childcare program the success that it was."

"Fantastic! Monique was sweet, prompt, interactive with our son. She sent us pictures during her time with him. She kept active, taking him swimming, on a walk, to get s’mores and even bathed him as he was a mess. We would use her again in a heartbeat.I  was very pleased with my experience, thank you!"

Bari G.
Hotel Babysitting
Philip L.
Vice Chair of Subud USA
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