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5 Step Placement Process


If you're seeking Nanny/Childcare Services complete a Parent Registration Form. If you're seeking Household or Other Staff complete a Client Registration Form. Once you are registered, a member of our staff will then contact you to discuss your family's specific needs in more detail to ensure we send you the best candidates for the job! To activate your search we require a $250 retainer. This is a one-time, non refundable fee that will be deducted from the total cost of your placement fee when a match is made.


Patty Cake Nannies will send you highly qualified candidate portfolios that suit your family’s needs. Each portfolio includes candidate's bio, Reference Check Form(s), photo and additional background check information.


Review portfolios and schedule interviews with your top candidates. If you prefer, Patty Cake Nannies will set up your interviews with the candidates. Please provide our office with specific times and location for the meeting then we will get back to you with an interview schedule.


For some families one interview is enough for them to know this is their perfect fit. For other families, one interview is just not enough to make a decision. If you choose, you can invite your top choice(s) back for a 1-3 day working interview. Patty Cake Nannies does not charge any fee for this process however you are expected to compensate the candidate for their work.


Once you have made your final selection, contact Patty Cake Nannies so that your candidate will be removed from the pool of candidates. Patty Cake Nannies needs the following two items in our office before the candidate's official start date; completed & signed Family/Nanny Contract and Placement Fee.

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