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Three Easy Peasy Easter Crafts

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

At Patty Cake Nannies, we are not all about every viral idea or creations that are always Pinterest worthy. That's too much pressure for the busy lives we lead as parents.

We are ALL about spending quality time with our kids and making memories with them that will far out live any likes we might get on social media. So here are some simple ideas for you that just might bring giggles, messes, and imperfect results with a side of laughter and joy. We hope they inspire you to do just that, and make some memories this season.

Make Your Own Coloring Sheet

Use cookie cutters, Play-Doh tools, or other creative shapes as stencils and make Spring shapes on your own coloring sheet. Use crayons, markers, paint etc. to add color!

Make Your Own Bunny Ears

Your bunny does not have to be pink and white, use whatever paper you have laying around (newspaper, magazine pages, colored paper etc.) and measure your child's head. Cut a strip to the size of their head and tape or glue it together. Then cut out ovals for ears and tape or glue them on the band and Viola! Your kids can now be bunnies hopping through the fields.

Make Some Fluffy Chicks

Use paint, crayons, markers etc. whatever your preferred medium is. Make 2 fluffy circles. Add upside down Y's for feet, V's for beaks and dots for eyes! Boom cute.

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