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Mothers Day 2022

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


As moms, we get caught up in the schedules, to-do lists, errands, work demands, play dates, activities, feedings of all the mouths and wiping all of the bottoms. Often times we look at our kids and say, "Wow, where DID the time go?" We get so focused on DO DO DOing - "What are we going to DO for dinner? What are we going to DO about practice? What are we going to DO about the pacifier? What are we going to DO on vacation?..." Always remember, DID is the past form of DO. The "DID"s we end up with our kid, is the result of all of our DOing. So take a breath, Moms. We've got this. Slow down and make your DOs count. Each DO is an opportunity for teaching, growing, bonding, and making memories with your littles. We know it goes fast. We see it every few months when the shoes are to small or we have to cycle out the high waters. Let's not get so caught up in all of the activities, that we miss what is right in front of us. We might raise an Olympic Athlete. But will they be kind? We might raise a business owner. But will they be loving? We might become the CEO of a fortune 500 company. But will they be joyful?

We are raising kids who will make the world a better place. We want to surround them with people who will spur them on to be their greatest, kindest, bravest selves. We want them to know how to stand up for themselves and how to appropriately express their emotions. We want them to be confident in their worth and who they are created to be. That way, when we look back and see the DID in our KID - we will know it came from the intentional DOing we did all along the way.

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