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Always Celebrate Our Veterans

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

It is no mystery to us the amount of sacrifice members of our military willingly go through in order for us to maintain the freedoms we have. We all know someone, whether its a spouse, family member, friend or friend of a friend - who has taken that oath and served our country in some capacity. Some of them went to war, some never saw the battle field. Some of them lost friends, and some of them saved lives. All of them experienced a life most of us could never comprehend, where they selflessly give for the greater good our our nation. They miss time with family, wake at all hours of the night to train, push their bodies physically and mentally, work without AC and are always on standby. They hold the line of freedom while we go about our daily lives not even giving thought to what they are giving up for us. Often times, they feel defeated, forgotten and unappreciated.

We want all veterans to know that WE DO NOT FORGET YOU. We are grateful everyday for our service members past and present. We are the type that when we see someone in public in uniform, or with a service hat or shirt on - we teach our kids about you. We shake your hand and tell you "thank you for your service". We want you to know how grateful we are for you and your families sacrifice. At Patty Cake Nannies, we ALWAYS have a 10% Discount off any service for service members and first responders. Simply mention that in your registration form and we will get you taken care of. It's the best way we can show you how much you mean to us.

Thank you Veterans today and everyday!

Wondering How to Get Involved?

Mission 22 serves veterans, active service members and their families by providing resources to address Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, suicide risk and other challenges. They unite civilians and veterans through community events and education bringing awareness to issues faced by service members. Mission 22 is a superb organization that allows us to give back and help in a tangible way. You can donate, shop their gear or volunteer with them. United we Heal!

November Small Business Spotlight

Girdner Graphic Design is a full service design firm based in Santa Fe that has been around for over 10 years. New Mexico Native, Matthew, and New York Native, Laura, make the perfect husband and wife duo for all things design. They provide graphic and web design services including logo design, branding, brochure design, print design, email marketing, web banners, photo restoration, Facebook Ads, newsletters and more. They have worked with companies across the nation to bring design dreams to life. Contact them today to see how they can help you with your project, big or small!

Contact them here and Mention Patty Cake Nannies to receive 10% off your next service!

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