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10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Nanny

It's National Nanny Recognition Week! This is the perfect time to do a little something extra to show your nanny how much you love her and how thankful you and your kids are for her (or him). Your nannies work hard and have such a positive impact on your children's lives and they are worth all the celebration! We compiled 10 ideas for you to show extra appreciation to your nanny this week.

10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Nanny:

1. Make a video of your children sharing their favorite things about your nanny.

2. Give your nanny a paid day off.

3. Create a photobook for your nanny filled with pictures of them with your children.

4. Have your kids make sweet cards for your nanny.

5. Simply say thank you!

6. Provide a financial bonus for your nanny.

7. Bring a meal home for your nanny.

8. Send your nanny to the spa!

9. Write a handwritten note sharing your appreciation.

10. Bake your nanny a treat.

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