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How To Make Sure You & Your Babysitter Feel Confident Before Leaving For Date Night!


#1: Tour of the Home

Give your babysitter a detailed tour of your entire home. Show them where light switches are, how to operate appliances/remotes they will be using, and so on. If there are specific rooms or areas you do not want your babysitter to enter or use, let them know during the tour.

#2: Review Your Expectations

It is important to review your expectations so your babysitter has a clear understanding of what is expected. For example, you may expect your babysitter to feed your children snacks after school, stick to a planned routine, or make sure they do their homework.

#3: Establish What Is Not Allowed

There may be specific things you do not want your babysitter to do while they are caring for your children. Be clear about what things are not allowed, like having friends over, posting pictures of your children on social media, and so on.

#4: Review Any Health Issues or Concerns

Go over any health issues or concerns regarding your children. Let your babysitter know if they have any food allergies, medications they need to take, and other vital information. Provide your babysitter with your children’s full name, date of birth, medication allergies, and other details they need to know.

#5: Provide Emergency Contact Information

Your babysitter should be supplied with emergency contact information like the name and phone number of your pediatrician and how to reach you in case of an emergency.

#6: Review Home Security Information