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4 Fun Fall Craft Ideas

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

It's fall! One of the most beautiful times of the year! We are excited to share four different fall craft ideas you can do with your nanny kids or your own kids. Guaranteed to add some extra excitement to your day and put you all in the fall spirit! The kids will love it and so will you!!!


This is such a cute, simple craft that kids can do mostly on their own!

Supplies: Black construction paper, scissors, sharpie, glue, cotton balls

First, trace a ghost on a piece of black paper. If the child is old enough they can cut it out themselves, otherwise you can do it for them. Then have them apply glue all over the ghost using a glue stick or school glue, and stick on the cotton balls!

Lastly, trace and cut out little eyes and a mouth and use glue to stick them on! Voila, you have an adorable little ghost!


Next up is another super simple craft, great for preschool age!

Supplies: pumpkin print-out paper, dot stickers or dot markers

Simply peel and stick onto the pumpkin!

Depending on the age this may require some help with peeling off the stickers, but you can also peel them yourself and stick them to the edge of a table or highchair so the child can easily grab them.

This craft is excellent for fine motor skills!


This one is SO CUTE!

Supplies: paper plate, washable paint, paint brushes, white paper, baby wipes, sharpie or black marker

Pour a few different colors (red, brown, yellow, orange) of washable paint on a paper plate, then use a paint brush to paint the child's hand. They might be a little confused!

Have them press it against the piece of paper to make a handprint. You will need baby wipes to wipe their hands with between handprints!

Do this a few times on the piece of paper, then let it dry. Once dry, use a sharpie or black marker to draw in lines and make the handprints look like leaves. Adorable!


Pumpkin carving can be very messy and a lot of work, so why not just paint your pumpkins!

Supplies: pumpkin, paper plate, paint, paintbrushes, trash bag, baby wipes

Let the kids paint the pumpkin however they desire! For little kids this is a fun way to teach them fine motor skills using a paintbrush. Older kids can make some amazing art on their pumpkins!

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