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3 Ways to Keep Track of your Kids while Trick or Treating

Halloween is right around the corner!!!! Kids have their costumes planned and are so excited for all the fun and candy to come!!! While Halloween is an exciting time, neighborhoods can get busy. We have three ideas that can help you keep track of your kids so that no one gets lost while trick or treating.

#1: Safety Rope

This idea will be helpful if you have multiple little ones or a large family. Instruct your kids to hold onto the rope while walking through the neighborhood and up to the houses. This keeps them all in one place and allows them to be easily visible. You can find a safety rope on Amazon! It's a super simple system that keeps things in order and will make your life much easier.

#2: Apple AirTag

This idea is amazing for all ages! Apple now sells AirTags, which can be worn on the wrist or attached to shoes or clothing. AirTags track your kids, so you get notifications when they go out of range and are able to see their location on your phone. This works great for little kids, and also for older kids that may be off trick or treating by themselves.

#3: Gabb Phone

A Gabb phone is a wonderful option for older kids! Gabb phones have unlimited talk and text, GPS tracking, bluetooth connection, and 14 kid-safe apps. It's a great way for your kids to be able to contact you without all the extra phone distractions they don't need. Gabb phones are free from the internet, games and social media, making them extremely safe. Set your child up with a Gabb phone in time for Halloween so you can stay in contact!

Happy Halloween from Patty Cake Nannies!

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