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15 Patty Cake Nanny Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Time for Reflection

This year we really want to bring YOU into who WE are as an agency and give you a clear vision of why we exist, what we stand for, who we are made up of and where we see ourselves going. As we have grown in the last year, we have realized that it is more important than ever to communicate our expectations clearly with our nannies.

Our industry has faced many hurdles due to the increasing demand for in-home childcare and the unsatisfactory quality of nannies nationwide. This is why we have such an extensive and thorough screening process and why we strive to seek out the highest caliber staff. It is extremely important to us to only onboard people we would truly feel comfortable having watch our own children. That is why we came to be in the first place.

We are learning to do better at stating our expectations out-right. We want to have open communication with our nannies and families in order for us to become the best possible agency that we can be. We want to be ahead of any conflict or dissatisfaction by having clear expectations for our nannies and families. We have learned a lot in the last 12 years, but we still have A LOT to learn. Below, you will see 15 points that will be included in the handbook.

15 Outstanding Ways to Represent Patty Cake Nannies